About Us

The trust was founded in 1992 (Bhubaneswar Registration No. 982/10-09-1992 as per Indian Trusts Act, 1882) by Prof. Jagannath Mohanty. Dr. Jagannath Mohanty is a renouned name in field of Odia Literature and had written 118 Odia poetry, stories and books. His creation, 'Tuma Pari Chhota Pila Tiye" has been a household song in Odisha for decades.

Our trust is leading a profound realisation of the importance of Children's Literature and Education in any language. This Trust is the realisation of an humble dream for the cause of Children's welfare in the memory of the departed parents of Prof. (Dr.) Jagannath Mohanty, the founder of the trust. We firmly believe that children have unlimited and inherent creative potential and all the need is a spark. Our Trust is tirelessly working to provide this spark to needy and poor students who otherwise might have remained unblossomed and unknown in small hamlets. 

Objectives & Programmes:

Betterment of:

  1. Children's Literature and
  2. Children's Education.

To achieve this, we have adopted a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we work for Children's Literature by encouraging creativity of children by several co-curricular activities like innovative story writing, poem writing, creative art etc. Similarly, the Trust has always supported those needy people who are involved in Children literature by publishing the works, thesis, recognising and felicitating Both the stalwarts and new & emerging contributors to the children's literature. Secondly, we have contributed to the field of Children's Education by funding and publishing research in this field. 

The first Annual Meeting of the Trust was held in September 15 1996 at the Bhanja Kala Mandap in Bhubaneswar. It was presided by former Vice-Chancellor of the Utkal University Dr. Bidhubhusan Das and graced by presence of eminent writers like Prof. Shatrughna Nath, Chairman of Odisha Sahitya Academy Shri Kishori Charan Das, Prof. Utpal Homray. Since then we have not looked back and have conducted annual meetings which serve as a forum to introspect and review the work we have done over the year. Here we felicitate and give cash prizes to successful Children's litteratuers and teachers who have worked in this field. We also conduct several creative writing, art competiton for children upto Class-VIII. The winners of these compettions are also given prizes in the meeting.

The Trust has been helping poor, but meritorious students in the education by providing them with books and other educational tools. Since 1998, we have been giving cash award and certificate to the Student who got highest marks in HSC Examination in the Nuahata High School in Puri. This is done to foster education and recognise meritorious students in the interior, less-known villages of Odisha. Since its very inception, the Trust has been helping the rural schools to improve their physical facilities. It has also been helping poor but meritorious students by providing them with reading and writing materials and awarding them. Prizes were also given to the rank holders in HSC Examination for writing best essays on Aims of Their life. 

We have also recognising and giving awards to studentes who have topped the B.Ed. examination from Utkal Universitry and Sambalpur University. This is to encourage creation of good  and efficient teachers, who we believe are the backbone of a good Children's education system.

The Trust has so far published eight books. Significant among them are

1.       The Growth and Development of Oriya Children’s Literature

2.       An anthology of Odia Poems

3.       A compendium to Oriya literary studies for Children

4.       Development of Odia Children’s Literature

5.       Wonder’s of Printing etc

All these books published by the trust are of great importance and has been consistently used by students, teachers and Children’s Writers. All of the abovementioned books are sold on concessional rates for the public. The first Ph.D work in Odia Children's Literature by Dr. Manindra Mohanty under Sambalpur University was published by the Trust in 1992 in order to promote research and production of quality Children's Literature. Since no publisher would come forward to publish this valuable work, the trust had to spend around Rs. 51,000 and get it published. Since then this book has been appreciated and utilised by writers and researchers on Children's Literature.

As a part of encouraging children's literature , we have published "Phulatie Phutila" written by Shri Bhagwan Padhi, who is a needy but talented writer, in the year 1995 with an expenditure of Rs. 15,000.

In 2007, the Trust suffered from a grievous loss when one of its active member Dr. Rajasree Mohanty passed away. In honour of her memory we have institutted Dr. Rajasree Mohanty Memorial Award which is being given annually since 2007. The Trust again suffered a irreparable loss when it lost the aegis of its founder and chairman Dr. Jagannath Mohanty in 2011. Without his guidance the trust took time to rebuild itself and since 2012 The Trust has instituted Professor Jagannath Mohanty Memorial Award.

The Trust has also organized seminars and conferences in children’s literature, their education and science in collaboration with various agencies like Odisha Sahitya Academy, Research Institute of Odia Children’s Literature, Rajdhani Shishu Sahitya Sansad,Odisha Bigyan Academy, Bhubaneswar and State Chapter of All India Juvenile Literary Congress (AIJLC).

Awards are given every year to distinguished teachers, artist and writers for children to encourage them in teaching and developing suitable materials in language, science and other current topics. In order to promote creativity and recognize each child’s individual talent the Trust has organized several co-curricular activities such as Debate, Essay Writing, Recitation, and Drawing etc.

In 2003, The Trust has produced a cassette consisting of ten selected lyrics for children titled “Tuma Pari Chota Pilatie” (A Small Child like you) and it was well received.

Annual Functions are organized every year in various places of Odisha for Distribution of awards and felicitation to eminent teachers, writers and meritorious students for their outstanding work. The occasion is graced by presence of celebrated writers, educationists, scientists and eminent personalities.

The Trust also conducts lectures for promoting literature, education and science among children. Recently efforts were made to popularize the higher values of life which have faced a crisis in present. Essay Competition on the “Role of Children’s Literature for Development of Odia Language and Literature” was held among post-graduate students of odia department of three important universities of Odisha for generating awareness on the topics. Seminars and workshops in storytelling, creative writing, Art, drawing for children were also organized.


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